Pipe Repairs

The majority of plumbing problems crop up in tubs, sinks or toilets. On occasion, however, the pipes themselves are the cause of the trouble. Pipes can freeze, sweat, leak or produce uncanny noises. When pipes become troublesome, you can call on Rooter-Man.

Most Rooter-Man locations have 24 hour plumbing service to take care of your pipe repair needs. Call us at 866-577-1221 to schedule your repair. Some of the more common pipe problems are:

Leaks in Pipes

Leaking pipes come in different forms. Some are very destructive and can flood your floor and home. But one thing is sure; a leaking water pipe will cost you additional expense in your water bill. Leaking pipes can also do damage to wall or ceiling plaster, can rot joists and timbers, and destroy wallpaper and paint finishes. Repairing such damage can also be very costly, so it is a good idea to get a leaky pipe fixed as soon as you spot that it is leaking.

Leaks can occur at any point in the water supply system. This is especially true if the plumbing is old, but the most common areas where leaks occur would be the bends, connections and fittings of the pipes. Leaks in exposed pipes are easy to detect but leaks in underground piping are more difficult to find.

Banging pipes

Water hammer is the term used for the sound of banging pipes, but it is not the only sound you will hear from your pipes. A water hammer is a particular pipe noise that you hear when you turn off the faucet abruptly and the driving force of rushing water through the pipe is stopped suddenly. This creates a burst of sound akin to a hammering noise. If you hear unusual noises from your pipes then it is time to call us.

Frozen pipes

When home owners leave their homes unheated for an extended period of time during the winter, they will often come back to find the pipes frozen. This could create a chain of other problems since frozen water expands and can cause cracks in pipes and fittings.

Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes decrease the flow of water significantly. It can be caused by debris blocking a pipe, most often in the “elbow” or at a turn in the piping. The clogging can also be caused by rust or mineral build up or by the improper or poor installation of the pipes.

Rooter-Man will uncover what’s wrong with your piping system with the use of advanced technology and repair them in no time at all since we know how valuable time is for you. Rooter- man will save you time, stress and the damage that broken pipes can cause.

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