Septic Tanks & Drain Fields

A septic tank and a drain field are two vital components of a sewer system. A well-maintained septic tank is the most effective way of disposing solid waste and the best way to maintain a septic tank is to have it cleaned on a regular basis. Pumping and cleaning septic tanks is one service that Rooter-Man offers its customers efficiently and safely. To find the Rooter Man location that nearest you that can help you with your septic tank call (866) 577-1221.

How your septic tank and drain field work

A septic tank is expected to hold solid wastes until they are liquefied or pumped out. While a drain field, also called a leach field, is a network of troughs with pipes punched with holes buried in the trenches and surrounded with gravel. A drain field is connected to the septic tank and is intended to get rid of impurities and toxins from the liquid that flows out of the septic tank. It also allows the waste liquid or water coming from the septic tank to be absorbed by the soil.

The majority of septic tanks are made of concrete, plastic or fiberglass and are meant to last for almost 50 years. But a septic tank that is not maintained properly can cause serious trouble, including risks to your health.

Problems with septic tanks and drain fields

There are objects that are flushed into a toilet that can cause serious problems for the leach fields and septic tank. Non-biodegradable objects such as plastic flushed down a toilet will go to the septic tank and stay there until it is pumped out. Since plastic cannot be dissolved, it is one reason why septic tanks overflow or worse rupture, leaking the waste into the yard and house.

Sodium content of soaps, detergents, household cleaners and water softeners are also bad news for the septic tank and drain field. These substances cause clay elements in the soil to harden and lessen the soils absorbent capacity. The same effect is produced by grease and organic matter deposits. These substances form a tar-like layer called a biomat that thickens and develop into a waterproof obstruction. The biomat prevents water from being absorbed by the soil.

When soil no longer absorbs liquid, water will fill up the drain field, flow back into the septic tank or worse into the household plumbing.

How to keep a septic tank and drain field in good working condition

The best way to keep a septic tank and drain field working efficiently is to have it pumped out and cleaned on a regular basis. This procedure will remove non-biodegradable objects and harmful substances together with the solid waste and prevent septic tanks from going over their capacity. An overcapacity septic system can cause back up or overflow or even burst the tank.

Have your septic tank and drain field pumped out and cleaned regularly to prevent a disaster that could be messy, smelly and hazardous to your health. Contact Rooter-Man for a septic tank cleaning service. At Rooter- Man we provide efficient and safe septic tank cleaning services for your septic tank needs.

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