3 Investments to Protect with Maintenance

With tax season in full swing, many homeowners are wondering how they can reinvest their tax refund into their homes. Spring is also one of the best times to schedule your home maintenance, and you can often fund this maintenance and possibly any necessary repairs with the extra cash. 

But which investments should you prioritize? Here are the parts of your home you’ll want to invest in this spring.

Wood Floors

Wood floors are a stunning addition to any home but are notorious for being fragile. Everything from scratches to water damage can interfere with your floors’ appearance, but with some targeted maintenance, wood floors can look beautiful for a long time. 

Wood floors are also incredibly sought-after in the housing market, making them an investment you’ll want to ensure you maintain.


Everything in your home that uses water also uses your pipes. Showers, washing dishes, cooking, watering your garden — all of those tasks require healthy pipes. 

Without healthy pipes, you may eventually need extensive repairs that can put you in a difficult situation. Spring is the ideal time to call a professional to maintain all of the pipes in and around your home to take care of any damage or clogging that may have happened over winter. 


You likely use your appliances every day. Even the most sophisticated systems can’t help but succumb to time and consistent use, but you can save many of them from an early grave with some care and maintenance. 

For example, many appliances, like your washing machine or dishwasher, also have dedicated water supply hoses, which you should have a professional check for wear and tear.  

For the Best Care This Spring, Call RooterMan

Your plumbing is one of the most vital systems in your home; it deserves nothing but the best attention and service available. RooterMan has been voted the #1 plumbing franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for the past 18 years running, and we’d like to help you make good decisions for your home this tax season. 

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