How to Change a Drain Trap

Have you ever looked under your sink at the pipes? Probably not. However, the drain trap, which is comprised of the U-shaped pieces of pipe, is an important element of your sink drain. Without a drain trap, your sink would be unable to properly drain and your health would be at risk.

Within the curved section of the drain pipe, there is a plug of water that acts as a seal so that harmful sewer gases do not enter into the home from the sink drain. If the drain trap leaks, these gases can enter in the home and create a dangerous situation.

It is possible for the drain trap to become clogged, which will result in your sink draining considerably slow, and sometimes, not at all. Sometimes, the drain trap will leak causing corrosion. Eventually, it will need to be replaced. Here’s a few steps to help you understand how to change a drain trap:

  1. If your drain trap has a cleanout plug (found at the bottom of the U-shape section), remove it with a wrench to allow the water to drain into a bucket below. If not, unscrew the slip nuts and move them out of your way.
  2. If it is a swivel drain trap, the curved section will come loose, but make certain to keep it upright to avoid any mess. If it is a fixed drain trap, two slip nuts will need to be removed: one at the drain flange and one at the top of the drain trap. The tailpiece should be shoved down the trap. The trap should then be twisted clockwise under the water drains out. The tailpiece can then be pulled free and the trap can be unscrewed from the drain pipe.
  3. Replace all parts as directed in the appropriate order. Parts can be coupled together with slip nuts, but loosely, and once final adjustments have been made, the slip nuts should be tightened.
  4. Allow water to run into the new drain trap immediately after installation to check for any leaks.
  5. Be sure to take the old drain trap with you when you go to purchase the new one to make certain the correct size is purchased. If you did not previously have a trap with a cleanout plug, it is recommended as it makes it easier to remove the water from the trap in the event of an emergency.

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March 18, 2014



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