Plumbing Emergency: What to Do While RooterMan Service Is on the Way

Plumbing Emergency: What to Do While RooterMan Service Is on the WayWhen the one thing that you’ve always said “probably won’t happen” to you has just, in fact, taken place, you’re likely at a loss as to what to do next. If you’re embroiled in a fully-fledged plumbing emergency, for instance, it’s natural to be nervous and concerned. You want to do something while you wait for septic repair, but you question whether you mitigate the damages at all before a professional arrives to fix the problem. 

With that being said, here are some tips, straight from RooterMan — a professional rooter and drain service provider — on how to stay calm during a potential plumbing emergency:

Turn Off Your Water

Turn off your main water valve the moment you hang up with a RooterMan professional. Doing so will help stem the flow of water through your pipes, minimizing any damage to your home and keeping you from encountering an astronomically high water bill. You can also take the time to clear out any standing water using towels or a mop and encourage evaporation and drying by using fans or open windows.

Move Electronics, Appliances, and Furniture

Water and electronics do not mix, so moving anything electrical away from a source of water should be your next step. Afterward, moving your furniture away from any flooding areas should be your next priority.

Take Pictures and Detailed Notes

The circumstances at hand can change quickly and drastically during a plumbing emergency, so remember to take as many pictures and notes as possible before your plumber arrives. That way, if things look different, the plumber can use what you’ve seen as context for how to proceed. Having pictures around for other visits will also be beneficial so you can reference them when discussing past issues.

Help Is on the Way

If you need someone fast, then you need to call RooterMan. Contact us for your plumbing needs, emergency or not, and we’ll handle them quickly so you can get things back to normal. Reach out to our plumbing team today at 866-577-1221 for a free  rooter and drain service estimate.

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