Signs Your Septic Tank is Full

Septic tanks collect sewage and treats them for safe discharge. Warning signs let you know that septic tank is near to full capacity or needs immediate professional attention. Rapid response when warning signs appear helps your septic tank to keep working on a sustainable basis. If you have a septic tank or consider buying one for your home, there are some facts that you need to know about septic tanks.

How to know whether the septic tank is full?

Check for signs of solid waste water in the drain field area. If the drain field has been contaminated because the septic tank has not been pumped regularly, this can be expensive to rectify.

Moist area

If you observe the moist areas nearby your septic tank or the drainage lines, it is a sign that the tank could be having problems. Excess moisture can mean the tank is full and water is overflowing.

Algal growth

The algal growth due to excess of water near the septic tank drainage lines may indicate that the septic tank is full and excessive water is helping algal growth.

Slow drainage

Slow drainage is an alarming sign that indicates that your septic tank is about to reach the full capacity or the drain lines of septic tanks are clogged.

Sewage back-ups

If sewage recedes through pipes and into your home, it is a sign that your septic tank is full.

Gurgling sound

The gurgling sound coming from the septic tanks is an indication that wastewater is not freely flowing, so it is a sign for you to take preemptive measures.

Growth of Bacteria

The growth of bacteria in the water is the sign that your septic tank is full. A full septic tank or damaged drain lines could permit untreated materials to stream into the groundwater, making it hazardous for health.

You cannot inspect a septic tank while it is full. You may have to consult for a specialist company like Rooter-Man to give you a professional report at a tiny cost compared to the cost of any necessary remedial work. Rooter-Man can keep an eye on your septic tank and setup a maintenance schedule to make sure it is pumped before it reaches near the full storage capacity. The professionals at Rooter-Man use state of the art non-chemical methods to kill algal and bacterial growth and treat the waste for rapid degradation.

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